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Welcome to Appointments Buddy! We are a reliable, friendly, and personal chaperone service tailored to the needs of our individual customers. When you need us, we’re there!

We believe that everyone has the right to live their best life. We understand that this isn’t always as easy as it sounds and even the simplest of tasks like attending healthcare appointments, going shopping and general day-to-day activities can feel extremely daunting, especially when facing these alone.

For some people it’s the struggle of getting to and from public transport, knowing they are unsteady on their feet and frightened of falling.

For others it’s the loneliness of having no-one to support them during difficult appointments.

Even going shopping may seem like an easy enough task to most, but for those that have poor mobility this is a real struggle trying to carry the shopping bags and then unpacking them at home.

At Appointments Buddy we provide a chaperone service to accompany our customers to appointments, the supermarket and general social events. We will collect you from inside your home, we help with getting your coat and shoes on. We escort you from your front door to our vehicle making sure you are safe and buckled up. We drive you to your appointment and upon arrival we can either drop you off at the door, assist you to where you need to be, or even stay with you for the duration of the appointment, whichever you prefer. We will then drive you home safely, assist you back indoors and make sure you are comfortable with a cup of tea in hand before we leave.

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2019 Copyright © Appointments Buddy LTD. All Rights Reserved.

2019 Copyright © Appointments Buddy LTD. All Rights Reserved.