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Review from Lyndsey Loydon 4th December 2022

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Maggie for the wonderful care she gave my mother yesterday.  She was absolutely wonderful.  She treated my mum like a queen.  She kept my mom informed of everything that was going on, moved her closer to conversations so that she was involved.  Held her hand and comforted her.  Made sure that she was comfortable at all times.  She is clearly a beautiful, wonderful soul and a credit to Appointments Buddy.

Review from Marie-Claire Peakman (daughter of Russell Peakman) 01/11/2022

Through a recommendation from the nurses at New Cross hospital, we were introduced to the team at Appointments Buddy and they immediately became a lifeline for us. In spite of being anxious about the pandemic, dad trusted all the Appointments Buddies he met and we are immensely grateful for everything that they did. Without easy ways for us to provide the transport that dad needed as his memory failed and walking became difficult, the Buddies became his personal chaperones, whether to hospital appointments or COVID vaccinations. They were able to collect his cancer medicines from the hospital pharmacy, they waited with him when appointments ran late, they provided a wheelchair in case he needed it and they made sure that dad was well settled whenever he arrived home. The Appointments Buddies kept the rest of the family informed all the way along the line via group Whatsapp chats and they were even able to video some of dad’s consultant visits so that we could hear the consultant’s opinion in spite of time zone differences. I simply cannot speak highly enough of the Appointments Buddy staff and the service they provide. They were always extremely, gracious, kind and respectful and they also handled the communications about their role with great diplomacy since my dad was fiercely independent and strenuously objected to any money being spent on him. I wish that we had been able to have a little more time to get further past the pandemic and enable to Buddies to take him out on some more pleasurable trips to a local garden center. Sadly, on 21st September 2022, my dad passed away at home. We are comforted that he was able to live as he wished, independent and in his own home right to the end. I have no doubt that was in part enabled by the Appointment Buddies. They became a significant proportion of his social network towards the end of his life and they have also become important to me for all they do and who they are! I strongly believe the Appointments Buddies provide a very special service in our community, one that brings comfort and relief to families who have loved ones in need of additional support and care. I trusted them to take care of my father and I can’t give them a bigger accolade than that.

Review from Paramjit Sahota 24th October 2022

Appointment buddy’s review.

The Appointment buddies are true buddies they have been a diamond

gem?during the coronavirus lockdown they have taken me to all hospital appointments, nice lunches out.

They are a fantastic team.

The Appointment buddies are kind, caring, compassionate, very understanding, have excellent communication skills.

They wear purple uniforms that match their purple shiny cars they take you out in. I feel like a celebrity!

I have been looked after by the buddy’s for 2 years The appointment buddies arrive on time and greet you with a sunny?smile!

Appointment buddy’s support are available to take you to hospital or dentist appointments, a fun day out, to the hairdressers, or a nice pub lunch, or to church,

a coffee morning, shopping, walks, or having some relaxing company over a nice hot cup of tea/coffee biscuits.

I would highly recommend having Appointment buddies to anyone out there that needs help they will take care of all your needs.

Mandy is an amazing human being she is dedicated to helping people from all walks of life and is very compassionate and a kind hearted person.

Thank you for your support and smiles Mandy & Team.

Please book your appointments with a buddy and look forward to seeing them soon.

Best wishes and success for the future to all the buddy’s team.


Pam x


Meet John, we have escorted John to the Doctors today. John has already booked his hospital appointment in May. John said it’s a brilliant service and he will always book the company for all appointments and shopping trips.

Review from Kevin Ellis (son of Mr & Mrs Ellis) 31/10/2022

The initial registration for my dad was very efficient, friendly and professional.
The booking details were taken,  and I felt confident that dad would be in good hands.
I called and spoke to Mandy on Sunday morning 30th October, she informed me that she would be doing the trip herself due to staff illness, which was not an issue.
Mandy informed me when she had picked dad and mom up and got them to the appointment in plenty of time.
A contact number was left with hospital staff so they could inform Mandy when dad was discharged, I was also contacted so I could meet them back at their flat on return.
When back at home mom and dad expressed how well they were treated by Mandy and her colleague and that they will be using Appointment Buddies again for any further appointments.
Also, information regarding Appointment Buddies is now displayed in the reception of the flats, and mom said they will recommend them to anyone else requiring a similar service in future.
Thank you so much for your help, it avoided a lot of stress for Mom.

Review from Lyndsey Loydon 23rd May 2022

Your Buddy was fantastic please pass on our thanks to him.
He looked after mum perfectly and was a welcome guest at the wedding. Being able to have mum there, knowing she was happy , looked after and comfortable made the day even more special.
Thank you from all of us.

I have known Mandy since 2013 not through Appointments Buddy but in a carer roll for our daughter who has special needs & cerebral palsy, From the 1st meeting with Mandy our daughter formed an excellent relationship with her. We as parents were extremely happy with the high standard of care given by Mandy who is always professional, kind, caring, trustworthy & treats our daughter with the utmost respect. Mandy provided a very high quality of care for our daughter which we believe could not be bettered.

Review left on Facebook by Clint (partner of Lily) 28/10/2022

These people are so client focussed and so supportive. Just dropped a short-notice dental appt on them for my disabled partner and within minutes, they have juggled their commitments and fitted us in. Brilliant!!!

Review from Susan O’Hara Broberg : 27th July 2020

We started using Appointments Buddy about 18 months ago, first, it was to transport Mom, who has dementia, to her day centre. Mom loved the journeys having a chat and listening to music. Having that extra care from a qualified carer, knowing she would be well looked after, was very reassuring.
When Mom required extra care at home Mandy and Clare were ready to step in and look after her. They always try to accommodate, and nothing is too much for them. Working with the family to make sure her individual needs are met.
With the outbreak of Covid-19, they were ready again to help with this complex situation. I have gotten to know Mandy and Clare very well and admire the way they treat Mom with compassion and dignity.
I cannot recommend Appointments Buddy enough. Mandy, Clare and the whole team do an amazing job. Very professional, so trustworthy, caring and kind. With so much experience, and more importantly to us as a family knowing that our mom is in the best possible hands, they really do go the extra mile.
Thank you for giving us total peace of mind and for everything you do for Mom.

Appointment Buddies has been a real find! Dad stopped driving last November and as a member of a choir he was no longer able to get to his weekly choir practice. I found the advert by chance and contacted Mandy…she was very helpful and now “escorts” Dad to choir and back every week. And Dad has gained a new friend to chat to!!!

Review from Kim Thorley 13th October 2019

Mandy today offered a fabulous service taking me and my dad for a hospital appointment. this service is absolutely brill.  My dad was safe all the time and mandy was very accommodating and caring and helpful. Top marks, will recommend this service to everyone I speak to. Thanks again Mandy.


Meet Jean, today Mandy has escorted Jean to her hospital appointment and returned her home safely.
Jean said ‘what a brilliant service you are offering, I would highly recommend you, and that she felt very safe with Mandy from the moment she helped me with my coat on’, she also commented on what a lovely lady Mandy is.


Our first review from Mrs Bernard our lovely regular customer, “Appointments Buddy ladies are lovely, friendly, on time and very professional, fantastic service. I have already recommended them to my friends”.


Meet David, we have escorted David to the Wombourne Pop Choir tonight and he has enjoyed every moment. He said it’s a brilliant service we provide.


Meet double trouble!! These guys have a disco in the car on the way to the day centre every week, ‘turn the music up’ they say. So this week they have had disco lights too, loved it!!
They have become great friends and always ask after one another if the other isn’t in the car, another successful disco trip to the day centre.

Review from Tony & Mary Roden 25th October 2022

Having used Appointments Buddy now for almost a year I have to say how good is the service they provide.
The drivers/ chaperones are polite and considerate giving reassurance to patients being taken to hospital appointments. They are always punctual and efficient in dealing with medical personnel,
Their vehicles are perfect for transporting
patients in wheelchairs providing a comfortable journey.
Contact with the office is always excellent
often arranging bookings at short notice.
In conclusion Appointment Buddies are a truly excellent service that I would strongly recommend.

Tony Roden.

Saturday 4th April 2020

We first heard about Appointments Buddy at a local consumer group for blind and partially sighted people in Walsall, and were instantly very impressed with the enthusiasm and passion of the staff (Claire and Mandy) who did the presentation. We registered our interest and hoped to be using the service soon…

Since then, due to Covid-19, my wife and I are now house-bound for 3 months due to being extremely vulnerable, and my immediate concern was that my guide dog would not have the exercise and stimulation he needed, not being able to take me to work every day as he usually did.

I telephoned the team as I knew they offered a Pet Buddy service too, and within a day, I had a regular arrangement with Appointment Buddy to come and walk my dog Yoda 3 times a week, which along with play and stimulation on the”off days” would be enough to keep him well and happy.

Everyone I have spoken within the team has been a pleasure to deal with – the support offered clearly means so much to them and as you become a regular client, you do start to build up trust and a relationship with the staff. Whilst it might not be the “usual” service that is offered, their ability to diversify and keep on supporting the communities that they have a passion for has allowed the company to keep operating and more importantly, they have taken a massive load off my mind at a time that is extremely stressful for everyone.

I absolutely commend the work that these guys are doing – continuing to take vulnerable clients to urgent hospital visits, bringing shopping to those like myself who are housebound and generally having the willingness and determination to put themselves out there day after day, even as the risk from Covid-19 appears to be growing on a daily basis.

For people who have used taxis and Ring and Ride in the past, Appointment Buddy is such a great alternative – a truly personal service that is reliable and friendly and will provide whatever support is required to people who use them.

It is possible to get invoices electronically and pay via bank transfer, which is an additional plus at present (i.e. promoting contactless communication), and all staff wear masks and gloves as required when out and about so as to protect themselves and other people they come into contact with.

I cannot recommend Appointments Buddy highly enough and urge anyone else who may be in need of care or support to give them a try.

Thank you – from Craig, Stella, and Yoda

Review from Emma Withers 20th January 2023

We can highly recommend the  Appointments Buddy team. We have used the service several times and the staff are always happy to help, friendly and have pride in their work. Our elderly Mothers are happy and we are rest-assured they are in safe hands. They really do go that extra mile! Thank you Appointments Buddy!

Review from Gemma Bates (Daughter of Mr & Mrs Halldron) 09th November 2022

Appointment Buddies are like having extra members of the family to help take my parents to important health appointments when the family can’t.They are so professional but really caring too. My parents have been extremely complimentary about the care they have received, which we as a family find very reassuring. So glad that my sister found Appointment Buddies!

Review from Kim Humphriss 12th April 2019

We have used Appointment Buddies a few times to get my mom to appointments. even last minute they will try to help!
Reliable, reasonably priced service that you can trust to look after your loved ones.
thanks to Mandy, Michelle & co

Review from Sharon Pritchard 21st March 2019

What a lovely, friendly and professional service run by these wonderful ladies.
nothing too much trouble and put us at ease immediately.
value for money with the knowledge you are in very safe hands. ladies, it was a pleasure.
would recommend this service to anyone needing transport x

Review from Ann Bridget 9th February 2019

Hi, my name is Ann, l would just like to say a few things about Mandy she cared for my mom for a couple of years we couldn’t have had a better person, Mandy was so kind and caring and looked after mom l myself and my sisters got to love her and so did mom she is very trustworthy and caring and didn’t have to worry when l had my few hours out to do the shopping and a little time for myself. Thanks, Mandy for all the love you gave Mom she will be 98 in March God bless you xxx

Review from Sylvia Bowater 30th January 2023

I have used Appointments Buddy several times in the past twelve months and I recommend their services unhesitatingly.  All of the drivers are professional, friendly and caring; it is always a pleasure to see their smiling faces!  The company is aptly named as you feel you are being driven to an appointment by a friend.

Review from Mr Wootton February 2022

Mandy’s team of qualified carers are hand-picked and you can instantly see why!  Her team works brilliantly together and understands the needs of the less fortunate.  I will recommend the Company to all my friends.

Review from Heather Clarke 18th September 2019

Highly recommend Appointments Buddy’s excellent, professional service. Two hospital appointments, two days running, taking my Aunt who has vascular dementia, in a wheelchair, to New Cross Hospital, as her care home cannot provide the service. What a find, as I am disabled myself. The worry of how I was going to manage, was lifted immediately following the assessment of my Aunt. Absolutely Angels.

Review from Trisha Howarth 21st February 2019

I would definitely recommend Appointments Buddy.  They are very professional, friendly and much needed when you need extra help.

Review from Jennifer Morgan – 27th November 2018

It’s a new service that I have been introduced to and I am very grateful and I work with one of the bosses, Mandy she is brilliant like having an old friend with you. I always use them 100% every penny worth it.

Review from Nigel Garton: 1st May 2019

My dad is unable to get out much and spends a couple of days a week at a Day Centre. It gives him and my Mom a bit of respite. Earlier this year we were told that the transport that got him to and from the Centre was being discontinued, this would have made a real impact on my parent’s lives.
We were then introduced to Appointments Buddy Ltd which solved our problems and put us back on track….. not only for the transport to the Day Centre, but they offer such a wide range of services we would be very confident to use and should they be needed we wouldn’t hesitate to give them a call. They have made my Dad feel so safe and confident. He is still recovering from a Hip operation after a fall and not being able to get out was feeling miserable, but the fantastic staff at Appointments Buddy Ltd gave him the confidence and transport that he needed. He didn’t even need to get out of his wheelchair to get into the car and once in he was talked to and involved in their conversations which he really enjoyed.
For anyone feeling isolated and needing company, Appointments Buddy Ltd can help you gain independence. One other thing …..they all look so smart and everyone i have met from the Company have been extremely personable. Our whole family wish everyone involved with this much needed service the best of luck for the future.


  • Carol Fawdry

    6th April 2020 at 3:23 pm

    5th March 2019

    I have heard a lot of positives about this Service.

  • Barbara Fenna

    6th April 2020 at 4:33 pm

    1st February 2020

    I went out for the first time with Marie. Not been out for 18 months after being left in Cannock in my electric wheelchair. I was worried but so professional, got picked up and dropped back after a visit to my poorly daughter. Lovely chat as well. Can’t wait to go out again x

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